Tarot & Astro reading
(Zoom live or pre recorded)

Do you want to know which direction life is heading in? And don’t feel like traveling all across the country? Just Zoom with me. I do need your time of birth, date of birth, and place of birth. I can also record the video for you in advance. I’ll send it to you via WeTransfer, so it remains your property as well. If you want to know something about your child, partner, lover, or family member, I do need a photo.

Which insights can I give you?

Mabelstarot is as delightful as when you need a signpost


Engaged with the cards
intensively since my youth."

For me, tarot is a coaching tool through which deep psychological processes can be illuminated and supported in a light and playful manner. To put it simply, tarot is a mirror of the soul. In April 2019, I started Mabel’s Tarot on YouTube, a channel that I’m incredibly proud of. I have been deeply engaged with tarot since my youth, and this year I discovered that it is also very healing for me to illuminate others on their journey by sharing my love and knowledge of the cards. I regularly teach tarot and also have the Mabel Tarot Academy, where you can study at your own pace. Tarot, to me, is acting with foreknowledge, because when you open yourself to the cards, they speak to you with a lot of love and wisdom.

Clarity and concrete steps

If you would like to make an appointment in advance, you can email me. We can do the Zoom session live, or I can record the reading for you.